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Freestanding Office Water Dispensers

WL100 Eco Bottleless Water Cooler
WL100 Eco Bottleless Water Cooler
D7 Bottleless Water Cooler
D7 Bottleless Water Cooler
Custom Built Water Station
Custom Built Water Station


  • Direct fed water cooler with a four stage reverse osmosis filtration system, producing an unlimited amount of great tasting water on-demand in your preferred water temperature: Hot, Cold or Room Temperature. 
  • Our In-tank UV sanitization technology removes 97% of bacteria and viruses, providing healthier drinking water, glass after glass.
  • BioCote Protection is a silver ion additive that provides an effective barrier against microbes like bacteria and mold.
  • Eco-friendly replacing over 1,000 pounds of plastic waste every year per household.
  • Multiple filtration options to fit specific water conditions. A choice of carbon filtration or reverse osmosis, ideal to address poor incoming water conditions (including boil alerts).
  • Gravity-fed system, particularly suitable for low pressure installations, also guarantees water supply in case of power outage.
  • The in-tank sanitizing system ensures water is exposed to the UV light to maintain the microbiological purity of the water.
  • Faults indicators for easier servicing.
  • BioCote® protected reservoir and dispensing area (including drip tray body, cold faucet, user interface panel and buttons).
  • Leak detection for peace of mind.
  • Energy saving sleep mode.
Cold, Ambient, Hot   10-20
One Green Filter (OGF) reserves the right, in order to reflect continuous research and development, to amend or change specifications without prior notice. OGF is licensed to use BioCote®, and the BioCote® logo, which are registered trademarks of BioCote Ltd. 

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