Eco Water Cooler

    Quench with confidence using the Eco Water Cooler.  This eco-friendly water cooler delivers crystal-clear, perfectly chilled, and hot water. Enhanced with antimicrobial technology, this innovation is great for your health and the environment.

    The Economical Choice For Perfectly Chilled & Heated Water

    20 User Capacity: Suitable for serving up to 20 users, ideal for smaller offices or family settings.

    Carbon Filtration: Features high-performance carbon filtration, effectively removing impurities and improving water taste.

    Hands-Free Operation: Offers hands-free operation for enhanced hygiene and convenience in accessing water.

    Temperature Choices: Provides both hot and cold water options, catering to different preferences and needs.

    Flexible Placement: Available in both freestanding and countertop models, allowing for easy integration into any space.

    Microbial Surface Protection: Includes BioCote® surface protection to minimize microbial growth on the dispenser's surfaces, ensuring a cleaner, safer environment.

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    Pure Water With Significant Cost Savings


    Eco-Friendly Filtration & Protection

    Combines advanced eco-friendly filtration to improve water taste and BioCote® antimicrobial technology for enhanced dispenser cleanliness and safety.


    Comprehensive Servicing & Installation

    Offers meticulous regular maintenance and filter changes, coupled with seamless White Glove installation service by certified professionals.


    Responsive Support

    Provides efficient issue resolution and professional maintenance through a dedicated Total Care team, ensuring uninterrupted high-quality water access.



    Delivers a cost-effective solution to bottled water, reducing expenses while supplying purified, great-tasting water.

    How Our Process Works



    We evaluate your specific water needs based on your commercial space.



    We provide tailored water dispensing solutions based on your needs.



    We send out an expert installation technician to install your system.



    We perform ongoing maintenance to ensure the highest quality of water.  

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