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Get Safe, Clean Water in Your Home

“Hi, My name is James Lutich, owner of One Green Filter. My goal is ensure Tampa Bay home owners have an endless supply of safe, clean water for themselves and their family.

You'd be surprised at what's in your tap water! With a quick water test, we can show you exactly why your water smells bad, tastes funny or is 'hard' – and provide a customized water softener or filter solution for you.”

James Lutich
Founder of One Green Filter
water softener
Water Softener Solutions

Is a Water Softener System Right for Your Home?

Tampa is known for its hard water. What is hard water? It's water dense in minerals – mainly calcium and magnesium.

While not really a health concern, most people know they have hard water because of spotty dishes and glassware and crusty mineral deposits on faucets and showerheads. They're really hard to clean!

A water softener and conditioning system can remove the hard water minerals, making it "soft" – a great solution that will make your skin feel better and your appliances and plumbing last longer.
More Innovative Products

Softener and Filter Solutions Designed to Fit Your Needs

Whole House
These systems treat all of the water that enters your home. Feel confident that every drop of water that's used in your house will be clean and safe.

Whole house water filtration systems can be installed outside or in the garage depending on incoming water. This may be the best long term investment you can make for your family's health!
Water Dispensers
Water dispensers help to remove over 99% of the unhealthy bacteria that runs through your home's pipes. As soon as the water leaves the pipes and into your glass you can rest assured that it is in its purest, healthiest form.

Water dispensers offer an endless flow of cold, refreshing and filtered water. Eliminate your worries about unfiltered tap water or the high costs of bottled water.
Reverse Osmosis
Under the sink Reverse Osmosis Systems remove 98% of contaminants from unfiltered water – like sediment, chlorine and heavy metals that you may be unknowingly drinking right now.

With a new system, you'll enjoy odorless, contaminant-free water every time you turn on the tap. Perfect for everyday drinking, washing fruits and vegetables, cooking and watering indoor plants!
Water softeners and filtration systems are a wise investment in your family's health. Continue reading to learn how One Green Filter can help you find the right water filtration solution for your family or business.
Enjoy Cleaner, Safer and Better Tasting Water!
Results of Poor Water Quality

Common Water Problems for Tampa Bay Residents

Does your home or business have bad smelling water? Do you find yourself bringing your own water to work or relying on bottled water rather than drinking the available tap water. Unfortunately you're not alone. Recent estimates show that up to 89% of America suffers from hard drinking water or poor quality water.

Hard Water:  
Reacts with cleaning products, creates soap scum, and will wear down fixtures and appliances more quickly than soft water. The buildup of minerals on glasses and dishes, clothing, fixtures, and even skin and hair can take their toll over time. Our water softening systems are designed to leave the beneficial minerals while naturally conditioning your water.

Do you know what's in your water? If you did, it might scare you. It's not uncommon in Tampa and St. Petersburg to find the following contaminants in the water entering your home – bacteria, lead, pesticides, sand, silt, rust, sulfides and much more. This is the same water you're drinking, cooking with, bathing in and is running through your appliances like water heaters, washing machines and coffee makers.
Does your home or business have bad smelling water? Do you find yourself bringing your own water to work or relying on bottled water rather than drinking the available tap water. Unfortunately you're not alone. Recent estimates show that up to 89% of America suffers from poor quality or hard drinking water.

Hard water is problematic because it reacts with cleaning products, creates soap scum, and will wear down fixtures and appliances more quickly than soft water. The minerals in hard water (Calcium & Magnesium) react with soap to create soap scum, inhibiting suds. This means you need to use more soap with hard water. The buildup of minerals on glasses and dishes, clothing, fixtures, and even skin and hair can take their toll over time.

Chlorine, is added directly to our city water supply to fight water-borne diseases such as cholera and typhoid. The greatest danger chlorine poses to health is through its reaction with water-borne decaying organic matter like leaves, bark, and sediment, which creates a family of highly toxic chemicals called trihalomethanes (THM’s). THM’s are extremely carcinogenic, even in minute amounts. Thankfully our Catalytic Carbon filters will reduce up to 97% of all Chlorine & Chloramines from your water.
Bathroom or Kitchen
  • Residue on shower door
  • Spots or stains on dishes
  • Brittle or broken glassware
Around the House
  • Gray and faded clothing
  • Damaged or broken plumbing
  • Abnormally high water bills
Personal Skincare
  • Dry or cracked skin
  • Dull and brittle hair
  • Itchy or inflamed skin
How it Works

Why A Clean Water Solution is the Right Answer

Most of our customers happily report that the effects of a proper water filtration system can be felt immediately.

Some of these are: cleaner and shinier silverware, softer skin, ease on the buildup of plumbing fixtures, makes cleaning easier, and so much more.

Water softeners help get rid of the hard, chalky substances made up of calcium and magnesium bicarbonate, which causes pipes to work harder, and because they tend to clog water lines, water bills come in much higher.

In the end, water filtration systems are an investment in your well-being, as well as running a more cost-efficient office or home.
Free Water Test - Water treatment can be a complicated process, but OneGreen’s Water technicians make it simple. We come out to your home and test your water to show you exactly what’s wrong. A system specific to your needs is designed per your water test results and amount of water needed.
Whole House Filtration
Does NOT waste water
Softer skin and hair
Stops bacteria growth
Great tasting water on tap
Better than bottled water
Salt Free Water Softening
Saves you money every month
Naturally eliminates slippery feel
Prevents and removes water scale
Zero waste water
Great for lawns and gardens
"Chad came out and installed a new water system and the reverse osmosis at our sink! We are huge water drinkers and this has been the BEST! The water tastes amazing!!

Our pressure was off slightly and Chad came out right away for a quick fix! You won’t beat these prices and service!"
~ Kim Fest
"My daughter got extremely sick from drinking well water, unknown to her she got parasites from the contaminated water. 

We installed the One Green Filter to ensure she was drinking the purest water possible. We are extremely pleased with our purchase. Thank you!"
~ Jim M
Industry Leaders

Our Vision for the Future of Clean Drinking Water

We take pride in providing quality softeners, filters and dispensers – as well as top-notch service, for both offices and homes. We service the entire Tampa Bay area – Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater – all of Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco counties.

One Green Filter was established in 2017 with the goal to help eliminate single use plastic bottle waste. From that initial idea, we're helping Tampa area families and businesses be eco-friendly while getting safer, cleaner water. 
Proven Effective
Top Rated
Industry Certified
We make the water in your entire home completely safe to drink and use. And we do it naturally. We use only the finest activated coconut-based carbon for purer water filtration because we care about the people, the planet and the environment.
"Chad was as good as it gets!!! He originally arrived at my house to check out my water heater. Chad made a few adjustments to my water heater and saved me $1000. 

Chad then turned to me and explained to me how installing a brand new OneGreen water softener would make my life a lot better.I agreed to try out the water softener and to my utter amazement within minutes my rock hard water was feeling smooth as silk. 

I couldn't have been happier with the service and the equipment installed. The entire process took about 2 hours. Thank you so much OneGreen!!!!!!!!"
~ Michael P, Dunedin
The Best Choice in Florida

What Makes One Green Filter the Right Answer?

Yes – we live and work right here in Tampa just like you. We know what's in Tampa / St. Pete water and we know the best solutions for making your water better.

We're here to answer your questions about why your water supply. Why does it taste bad? Why is there scaly residue on my appliances? Will bad water make my water heater stop working.

With a Free In-Home Water Test, we can show you exactly what's wrong with your tap water and walk you through the best softener or filter solution to address your water issues.
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Common Questions

Learn More About Our Home and Business Products 

Isn’t city water good enough without a One Green Filter Water System?
Most municipal water systems use chlorine or chloramines to treat water, which are chemicals designed to kill living organisms. While they do an excellent job at treating your water, they create dry skin and hair, and unpleasant taste and odors that many people do not like. One Green Water Systems filter out unpleasant tastes and smells to provide clean filtered water, rich in mineral nutrients, from every faucet, shower, and toilet in your home.
Does One Green install my system?
Our certified, insured, and highly-trained service professionals install your whole house system with virtually no disruption to your home – typically in 2-3 hours. We take our time during installation to ensure quality craftsmanship.
How long will it take to get my order?
We have a full inventory ready to build your system per your test results. We normally can install your system next business day or the following day.
Can I take my One Green Filter Water System with me when I move?
Yes, The OneGreen Systems are designed to be moved if you change homes or offices. Call OneGreenFilter to move or re install your system! (727) 472-4370.
With concerns about Coronavirus (Covid-19) are One Green Filter techs still doing in-home estimates and service calls?
Yes. We are still offering free in-home estimates and installation projects. We are taking every precaution we can to ensure the health and safety of our customers as well as our employees. We're also able to offer Virtual In-Home Estimates. To learn more information about the specific procedures we're taking to ensure safety, please contact us today.
I have another question that wasn't answered here.
Selecting the right water system for your home or business often involves questions that are specific your needs. Please feel free to contact us at anytime and we will be happy to discuss your options with you.
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