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Our systems filter out the unpleasant tastes, smells & scale buildup associated with city water.
We effectively treat odors, tastes & discolored water which can be found in well water sources.
Cost effective, better tasting & refreshing water for the workplace, without the hassle of bottles.
Convert your existing water fountains to filtered, touchless, bottle filler & water fountain stations.

Benefits of Soft Water Filtration in Your Home

Clean water is essential to good health and a happy life. With a water softener system from One Green Filter, you’ll enjoy cleaner, safer, better tasting water!

Reduce Bad Odors
Delicious Tasting Water
Reduces Scale Buildup
Better Water Pressure
Soft and Smooth Skin
Silky Shiny Hair
Extends Life of Appliances
Use Less Detergent


Read what our customers have to say about us.

The best!!!! Absolutely loved dealing with Chad. He went above and beyond for anything asked for, as far as moving the existing lines & extending them down & around a wall - clearing our walkway. Attention to detail was superb. I highly recommend One Green Filter for any softener needs. Chad was very knowledgeable & completely answered all of our many questions. We’ve had our system now for about two months and we absolutely love it. Thank you One Green Filter, especially Chad! - Danyelle H.

Danyelle H. Water Softener

We hired One Green to come out and check out our home and existing water filtering we had In place and boy did we need them. Chad was amazing!!!!! Personable, super knowledgeable, genuinely cares about his customers and making sure they have the best water for drinking and overall for home use. He did our install so quickly and efficiently and very clean and tidy and organized. Amazing customer experience from start to finish. And we are set up for annual maintenance. Amazing! Would recommend Chad and One Green ten outta ten times! - Fred D.

Fred D. Water Filtration

Hands down One Green Filter as a whole continues to provide top notch quality from customer service down to maintenance on my water filter! Chad who is also part company owner showed up to our home and over delivered on quality of work to an amazing experience over all. He treated us like family and we are forever grateful. You can literally see the passion in his work. Not only did he educate us on the equipment we were getting but also how to use it. I can go on for days on the water quality but I’ll keep it short and simple. My wife was not convinced in the very beginning, and that’s 6 months of talking about it. It only took 1 time of her tasting the water and completely convinced her to go all the way of buying several water filter systems for us and our parents. We are diehard fans and will always recommend. Plus, they literally have the best deals out of any company you’ve ever ran into. See for your self and you’ll find yourself becoming a fan as well. Thank you again Chad and the One Green Filter team for changing not only my family’s life but everyone around us as well! - Chardo

Chardo Water Filtration

I recently moved to Florida and was looking to filter the water in my home. I found One Green Filter and the office set up a consult appointment for me with Chad. He was so so helpful, he answered all my questions and explained everything to me in detail and just made the whole process so clear and easy. Chad returned to our next appointment to install the filtering equipment and he did an AMAZING JOB!! He truly cares and loves what he does, and it shows in his work! He went the extra mile to make sure we had what we needed and I’m very grateful for that! the water in our home has such an obvious change because of the filters!! so much better for drinking and everything else. - Sarah B.

Sarah B. Water Filtration

Chad did a great job today. I had Salt Service done. Very nice and honest and caring. He installed my system a well back. Any time I have a problem he always responds with quick Service . He always explain how the system works. This is a great company. 👍 I can call the company with quick response. - Danny G.

Danny G. Salt Service

Common Water Problems We Solve

Bad Taste
Bad Taste
Hard Water
Hard Water
Rusty Water
Rusty Water
Rotten Egg Smell
Rotten Egg Smell
Chlorine Odor
Chlorine Odor
Viral Contamination
Viral Contamination
Sediment and Cloudiness
Sediment and Cloudiness
Chemical Contamination
Chemical Contamination

Why Choose One Green Filter?

With a wide variety of proprietary water treatment systems, water fountains, and commercial water coolers to choose from, you won’t find a better selection of high-quality products for your home or business.

Proven Effective
Industry Certified
Top Rated
Local Market Leader
We offer a complete line of cutting-edge treatment systems that deliver clean, high-quality water, including water softeners, residential filtration systems, drinking water filtration systems & more.
Personalized Service
Our Certified water treatment installers will meticulously install your tailored system per water analysis. Hands off, Ongoing Maintenance and Service Plans available.
Customized Solutions
Our water experts will analyze your home’s current water, and customize a filtration solution specific to your needs and budget, ensuring your home’s water is clean & great tasting.
Service for All Businesses
With a wide variety of proprietary coolers, water fountains, and commercial water treatment systems to choose from, you won’t find a better selection of high-quality products for your business.
Best Warranties and Service
We stand behind the products we install and offer the best warranties in the business. We also service what we sell, so you will have a trusted partner for the life of your equipment.
Financing Promotions Available
0% Interest! Plus, no payments for 12 months. Get better water now and easily make payments online, by phone, or by mail.
Discounts for Military and First-Responders
We honor military personnel and first-responders with special discounts, recognizing their dedicated service and sacrifices. Thank you for keeping us safe.

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