Why Consider a Water Softener Installation in Tampa FL?

If you have hard water stains throughout your home or shower, we can help. Hard water is a problem in 85% of Florida homes. Florida’s water quality reputation is poor. It has a lower rating than other areas of the USA. A water softener installation in Tampa FL can solve your water quality issues. Our team will evaluate your water quality and recommend the best water softener.

What a Water Softener Can Do for You

High quality water softeners can remove contaminants from your drinking water. Water softeners are a great way of removing calcium, iron, magnesium, and other contaminants from your water supply. It can also prevent buildup in pipes, appliances, or other plumbing fixtures. Tampa Florida water softeners can be installed to improve your health and minimize damage to your pipes. These systems will save you money in the long-term and give you better water quality for bathing, cleaning, drinking, and washing. 

Who to Call?

One Green Filter will help you choose the right solution for your home and business. We are efficient in designing and installing systems. All parts and labor are covered by warranties.

Our water softener installation team has the highest level of expertise in acquiring high quality resin and the most reliable monitoring parts. Our system delivers high-quality water to your home and is the most advanced in its field.

If you are interested in Tampa FL water softener installation, schedule an appointment today. We will test your water supply for any contaminants that could lead to hard water. We will then make recommendations on the best type of installation for you. We want to make sure you have the best tools to prevent any plumbing problems. Aside from that, we will provide a detailed report on the water quality of your home. Then, we will make sure you have a water treatment system that covers labor, parts, and maintenance. Our systems deliver the best results in the industry.

One Green Filter’s Water Softener Features and Benefits

Exclusive Technology

  • Only use deep cleaning when absolutely necessary
  • Exclusive features ensure consistent water quality
  • Vacation mode stops unnecessary regeneration
  • One internal moving part is all that’s needed for simple maintenance
  • Backup battery


  • Water softener efficiency restored
  • Regenerations of softeners are less frequent, which results in lower salt and water prices.
  • Remove iron, silt and organics from your unit
  • Preventing scale and rust buildup in tubes and valves
  • Water taste improved

You don’t need to look any further if you are looking for a professional, high-quality water softener installation service in Tampa FL. One Green Filter has the tools to improve your health and remove any contaminants that could cause you not to drink as much water. Water softeners can improve your skin’s health, reduce water consumption, and fade clothes. Contact us now to begin the installation process.

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