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    Published Feb 07, 2024

    What Is a Water Softener?

    What Is A Water Softener? 

    Understanding how the water softener works is a key consideration if you’re considering water softener installation in Clearwater FL. So, What Is A Water Softener? Water softeners use an ion exchange method to remove minerals from the water as it enters your house. The water becomes soft by removing calcium and magnesium from the water and replacing them with other elements like potassium and sodium. The softener stores the minerals in a tank and flushes them out through a drain.

    How Do I Know If I Need A Water Softener?

    Are you using well or town water? Water from wells is more likely to need a water softener, as it comes straight out of the ground without any filtering. Instead, why not use town water? Although it might seem easy to assume that your town’s water won’t be too hard due to municipal filtration, this is not always true. You can even have a home water test done to check water levels.

    A great way to determine if your home could benefit from a water softener. Look out for signs of a white scale buildup on your plumbing fixtures such as your sink faucets. This is a sign that your home has hard water issues that you will need to address and a signal that you should start looking into the water softening options.

    Are you unsure if your home would benefit from a water softener? A professional can perform water quality testing to determine if your home is suitable for a water softener. This test will give you the information you need to answer this question.

    Benefits From A Water Softener

    Water filter installation in Clearwater FL is a good idea if your home shows signs of hard water, such as scale buildup on fixtures, residue on dishes, or dry skin. Although hard water may not appear to be a major problem right away, it could lead to more serious and costly problems in the future. A water softener can prolong the life of your appliances and water fixtures, save money on your water bills, reduce embarrassing stains in your tubs and sinks, and make your clothes shiner with a cleaner wash.

    How Do I Know My Water Softener Is Working Properly?

    You can tell if your water softener works properly by looking out for signs such as hard water versus soft water. You should check if you have dry skin after a shower, or if the sponge doesn’t lather even with lots of soap and water. You should also look out for dry skin, spots on dishes, and scale buildup around the faucets.

    Check your salt levels if you suspect that your water softener may not be working properly. Water softeners that aren’t working properly can be caused by too much or too small salt levels. Salty water can cause a film to form in your water. Hard water is when your water has too much salt.

    What is hard water? You’ve likely heard of hard water as a homeowner. But how can you tell if it is there? Hard water can be identified by white buildup on fixtures, itchy skin, soap suds on your tub, and spots on your dishes. These symptoms can be easily avoided by installing a water softener.

    Hard Vs Soft Water

    Hard water is water with high mineral content. It’s water that has been in direct contact with calcium and magnesium during the water cycle. Hard water is a common problem in the United States. Soft water is free from any added elements or hard buildup. This means that you can wash dishes and clothes easily and your appliances will work less. If you have more questions about “What is a water softener?” feel free to contact us today.

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