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Water Softener Installation In Brandon FL

Working with your plumbing system can pose risks. Poor connections or other problems could result. A water softener system is designed to be installed to filter the home's water can be damaged if it is not installed by a professional water installer in Brandon FL. If you find that you will need additional plumbing or electrical work in order to install the system, this is a must-have (and may be required by law). It is not a good idea to install a water softener yourself. One Green Filter’s qualified installers have years of experience with water softener installation in Brandon FL. Our water softener installers are able to troubleshoot any problems that might arise during installation.

How Long Does a Water Softener Installation Take?

Our water softener installers can install a water softener in no time. A professional should have the ability to install a water-softener within two to three hours, provided there are no unexpected setbacks. It is a smart decision to have your water softener installation in Brandon FL done by an expert. This will help prevent future problems. Water softeners come in many makes and models, so an expert technician can help you choose the right system for you and your family.

Hard water is when you have buildup on your showerheads, clouded or itchy ice cubes after a shower, or dull or limp hair. Hard water is a problem in Florida, where 85% of homes have it. We are also the worst state for it. The Safe Drinking Water Act conducted a study and found that there were 80,000 water violations. 12,000 of these were dangerous to your health. It's no surprise that Florida was ranked second in the country for water violations. Water softeners are the best way to fix all of these problems!

How Can A Water Softener Be Of Assistance?

Water softeners use a process called "ion exchange" to remove hard elements such as calcium magnesium, lime, iron, and many others. These are the thick elements you see around your showerhead, in your appliances, and so on. Eliminating all these elements can increase the life expectancy of all your appliances (water heaters, washers, etc.) by up to 50%. This will save you money over the long term. This is an additional benefit, as well as a way to improve your overall health and eliminate all these elements.

One Green Filter has a range of water softener options to meet your water hardness needs. One Green Filter specialist will visit your home to test your water and then assess the results. They will also review them with you. To ensure that your water is pure and soft, we will design a custom softener. To ensure the highest quality water, we use only the best resins and parts available in the industry. All of our work is covered by a labor and parts guarantee!

Benefits And Features Of One Green Filter’s Water Softeners


  • Restores water softener efficiency
  • Reduced softener regenerations, resulting in less salt and water costs
  • Removal of iron, silt, organics, and manganese from your unit
  • Prevention of rust and scale buildup in the tubes and valves
  • Improved water taste

Exclusive Technology

  • Deep cleaning regeneration only when necessary
  • Exclusive features ensure consistent water quality
  • Vacation mode prevents unnecessary regenerations
  • Only one internal moving part for easy maintenance
  • Battery backup

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One Green Filter specializes water softener installation in Brandon FL. We were founded in 2017 with the mission to eliminate single-use plastic bottles waste. Since then, hundreds of people and businesses have been able to make their homes more eco-friendly and get safer cleaner water. We are committed to providing the highest quality drinking water for your home and businesses. We live in the area and know the best ways to improve the water quality. Our commitment has led us to receive a 5-Star Google review rating, making us one of the most trusted Water Filtration Experts in the bay area. No obligation is required to get free estimates or in-home demonstrations. For more information and to schedule an appointment to test your water quality at your convenience, contact us today.

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Meet our forward-thinking team that helps keep your family, employees and customers happy, healthy, and hydrated. Our customers chose One Green FIlter because of our consistently high level of service and superior products we use to deliver pure, delicious water to their homes, businesses, and schools across the Tampa Bay area.


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Is your “Best Job Ever” waiting for you at One Green Filter?


One Green Filter (OGF) offers water softener, purification and filtration systems across the Tampa Bay area including Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater – all of Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco counties.  Our point-of-use (POU) systems purify a building’s existing water supply to provide reliable and convenient filtered water to a broad mix of businesses, including government, education, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, and other large commercial customers.

OGF has a very service-oriented culture – we strive every day to provide world-class service to our customers, as well as to the teammates (both in the office and in the field) who depend on us to do our jobs well. We value colleagues who:


Communicate openly and honestly


Collaborate, share ideas, and work as a team


Are dependable and committed


Look to solve problems, go the extra mile, and genuinely care about doing great work!

We have a “work-hard-play-hard” office environment (including a business-casual dress code).  We go out of our way to recognize success, and mix business and pleasure often!  OGF offers competitive salary and bonuses, benefits, incentive awards, and advancement opportunities. We’re proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.  OGF is proud to be an industry leader in water treatment systems for homes, offices, and commercial sites.

If you’re interested in joining our team, please send your resume to us by using the contact form below.

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