1. Saves You Money

Softened water contains less mineral ions that cause buildup inside your water pipes and appliances, saving you from expensive repairs. Excessive mineral buildup shrinks the area water can move through, causing the pump pressure to increase, and requiring more energy to keep water hot or cold. The buildup can cause irreversible damage to appliances, which means more frequent repair or replacement costs for items such as your dishwasher, laundry machine, water heater, ice maker, and coffee machine.

2. Healthier Skin and Hair

Softened water protects the natural oils in your skin and hair. The mineral ions found in hard water are not soluble with soaps, making it difficult to rinse away.  This leaves your skin dry, itchy, & irritated and your hair frizzy, brittle, & dull in color.

3. Brighter and Softer Clothes

Softened water dissolves into clothes easier, cleaning the clothes more effectively, while making them soft to the touch and preserving the new, fresh look and feel. With hard water, your clothes are being washed in harsh minerals that leave deposits in the fabric. Over time, the minerals will cause the colors to fade and make whites look dingy. Because soft water dissolves detergent more effectively, you use less detergent and may even choose to rid your laundry room of fabric softener all together.

4. Spend Less Time Cleaning

Softened water fully dissolves and penetrates soap, reducing soap scum that collects in your bathroom, saving the time you spend cleaning on a regular basis. Cleaning a home with hard water is very time consuming, because you are constantly re-washing dishes and laundry. You will spend countless hours a week scrubbing chalky lime and soap scum off the walls of your shower, sink and faucet.

5. Cleaner Dishes

Softened water removes minerals before they can buildup on your dishes, providing more lather and cleaning action in your dishwasher. With hard water, it doesn’t matter how many times you clean your dishes, or the type of soaps or detergents you use – your glass and silverware are left with water spots and a cloudy appearance as soon as they dry. 

One Green Filter’s high capacity Whole Home Water Softener system will cut down your spending on cleaning products by 50%, reduce energy costs, and extend the life of your water heater and other appliances using water. Contact the One Green Filter Team Today! Financing Available.

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