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Tannin System

tannin filtration system
tannin filtration system

Smart and Efficient Filtering Technology

Tannin filtration systems are designed to effectively treat discolored water which can be found in well water sources.

A tannin system can provide the quality water you want without the unwanted minerals, discoloration, odors, tastes or acidity. These filters are manufactured to use water efficiently to conserve your water supply and preserve your well and its components.

Your water is unique, so choose a filtration system that is tailormade for your water. You can be confident that a tannin unit from One Green Filter will clear up your water once and for all.

What are Tannins?

Tannins are decomposed organic matter that give water “color,” often caused by vegetation. Plants, bark, and even roots in the ground can change your water to a light yellow or tea color. In fact, the coffee and tea you drink every day are considered tannins. Naturally, tannins are typically found in groundwater wells and can contribute to a musty, “earthy” smell and taste in your water.

Tannin filters from One Green Filter are proven successful in effectively removing any tannins commonly found in well water. They will help prevent staining of your laundry, and create clean, refreshing water with one efficient system. 

System Features

  • Environmentally safe — no chemicals
  • Easily programmed for optimum performance
  • Advanced history and diagnostic screens
  • Extremely low cost of operation

Clean, Filtered Water Every Single Day

Every component, feature, and innovation of our Tannin water treatment systems has been designed to efficiently bring water to you and your family. Tannin units can filter your home’s well water with little to no effort.

Exclusive Technology

  • Exclusive features insures consistent water quality
  • Only one internal moving part for easy maintenance
  • Battery back-up

Unique Adsorption Media

  • Resin collects tannins to remove from water
  • Durable and long lasting media
  • Capable of mixing with Crystal-Right for pH balancing (see below)

Quartz Underbedding

  • Delivers high and consistent flow rates
  • Provides accurate and efficient cleaning process

Low-Maintenance Brine Tank

  • Built-in safety float
  • Heavy duty, corrosion-free material
  • Fills with soft water which reduces cleaning
  • Dry salt storage
  • Less cleaning

Smart Performance Filtering.

We may recommend a mixture of medias, depending on your unique water conditions. These options customize your filtration system to match your needs and enhance performance.
Tannin Adsorption Resin
Tannin Resin with CR-100

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