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    Experience the assurance of cleaner, safer water with One Green Filter. Our advanced refrigerator filter is more than just a product; it's a promise of health and wellbeing for you and your loved ones. Crafted with care and expertise, it delivers fresh, pure water, transforming your daily hydration into a refreshing journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

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    • Effectively Filter Contaminants: Customized to filter PFAS, Lead, Arsenic and more from your water
    • Install with Ease: Easy 15 Minute DIY Installation
    • Drink Confidently: NSF Certified & independently tested for maximum peace of mind
    • Premium Customer Care: Worry-less with a team of obsessed Water Specialist looking after your water
    • Ultra-Pure Filtration: Removes 95% of chlorine and impurities, independently tested to NSF/ANSI standards.

    Advantages of Our Refrigerator Water Filtration System

    Having a trustworthy water filter for a refrigerator is essential for clean, and safe water. With our Refrigerator Ice Maker Water Filter, One Green Filter provides a superb answer to this demand.

    Better Odor and Taste:

    Produces fresher, better-tasting ice and drinking water by filtering out impurities like chlorine, which can alter the flavor and aroma of liquids.

    Improved Water Quality:

    Purifies and makes the water safer by removing contaminants including lead, mercury, silt, and other potentially dangerous materials.

    Health Benefits:

    Diminishes the likelihood of contracting waterborne illnesses and the number of germs, parasites, and other microbes around.

    Better-Clear Ice:

    Increases the clarity and purity of the ice by eliminating contaminants and particles that might obscure it.

    Safeguards the Elements of the Refrigerator:

    Extends the life of the refrigerator's interior parts and keeps it operating efficiently by preventing sediment and scale development in the ice maker and water dispenser.

    Superior Filtration Technology

    One Green Filter is proud of the modern filtration technology that differentiates us from competitors. Their refrigerator water filter ice maker produces outstanding results by combining cutting-edge filtration media with activated carbon.


    By effectively adsorbing pollutants and smells, activated carbon keeps your water pure and fresh. Furthermore, the cutting-edge filtration media target particular impurities, giving you water that is ultra-pure.

    The Importance of a Refrigerator Water Filter 

    Cold drinking water from the refrigerator has become a custom. Eventually, the taste and health benefits of these drinks are directly influenced by the quality of the water. With One Green Filter's Refrigerator/Ice Maker Water Filter in place to eliminate pollutants and contamination, the water you drink will be pure and healthy.

    Easy Installation and Replacement

    The effortless installation technique of One Green Filter's Refrigerator/Ice Maker Water Filter is one of its best qualities. Simply designed, this filter fits well into the majority of refrigerator models and installs quickly, giving you access to clean water.

    Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly

    The Refrigerator Ice Maker Water Filter from One Green Filter is a great investment due to its exceptional performance and affordability. Purchasing this filter can save you money on bottled water refills in addition to protecting your health. Similarly, using a water filter refrigerator ice maker is a reasonable and non-toxic option that reduces plastic waste. 

    Ensure Safe Drinking Water with One Green Filter

    Stress over dangerous chemicals in your water will end with a with One Green Filter Refrigerator Ice make water filter. With this excellent filter, which is designed to successfully remove lead, mercury, chlorine, and other unpleasant toxins, you will have peace of mind that your water is safe to drink, and delicious.

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    No Decrease in Water Pressure

    Selecting a One Green Filter Water System guarantees that your water pressure won't decrease! We Promise!

    What good is it to invest in a water filtration system if  you're going to experience a decrease in water pressure? In order to guarantee that you never experience a dip in water pressure, we at One Green Filter design our systems based on the number of bathrooms in your house.


    This is what you should consider! A typical shower uses two and a half liters of water every minute. In the event that all three of the full bathrooms in your house are in use at the same time and you use around 6.3 gallons per minute (GPM), that is. Make sure the system you buy has at least 8 GPM in case your kitchen sink and other appliances are running.

    One Green Water Filtration


    Under Sink Unit - 9 GPM

    Competitor's Standard GPM


    Under Sink Unit - 6 GPM

    Refreshing Ice with One Green Filter’s Refrigerator Ice Maker Water Filter

    We are pleased to provide our superior Refrigerator/Ice Maker Water Filter at One Green Filter. Our filters work to remove dirt, chlorine, and other pollutants from the water you consume so that you may enjoy the cleanest, best-tasting ice possible. Because of our dedication to conservation and high quality, you can be sure that our filters promote a better lifestyle in addition to improving the flavor of your ice. 


    Every ice cube is tasty and crystal clear thanks to our Refrigerator/Ice Maker Water Filter, whether you're having a get-together or enjoying your favorite drink. Select One Green Filter for unmatched quality and comfort.

    Shower Head Water Filter Add-On (Optional)

    Strong Enough to remove Lead & Arsenic

    Upgrade Your Shower Experience with a Shower Head Water Filter

    Standing ahead of opponents, One Green Filter's shower head water filter is the best option if you're looking for a high-end filtering system for your shower. You may customise this cutting-edge system to remove lead, arsenic, PFAS, and other dangerous impurities from your water, making for a better and cleaner showering experience. With a sturdy construction that stops leaks and guarantees steady operation, the filter is made to endure a long time and be effective. It's a simple installation that fits perfectly into any conventional shower head, making it a practical addition to any bathroom. Choose One Green Filter for a better approach to shower water purification.

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    Protect Your Skin and Hair with Effective Filtration

    Unlike other companies on the market, One Green Filter offers a complete solution to problems with water quality rather than simply a basic shower accessory. The shower head water filter is particularly effective in eliminating pollutants that might cause skin dryness and hair damage. Every drop of water is guaranteed to be free of harmful chemicals by our cutting-edge filtration technology, protecting your skin and hair from damage and irritation. Because the replacement cartridges are made for simple maintenance, you can be confident that your filter will keep working at its best without lowering water pressure. You can rely on One Green Filter to provide cleaner, healthier water for your everyday shower routine.

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    How to Install Our System

    Are you the DIY type?


    Are you handy? Are you familiar with plumbing and piping? Then this may be a job for you! We will provide you with bypass valve and 1" elbow fittings. All you need to provide is your own piping and fittings to attach to the system. Watch our video for more details.


    Are you the NOT DIY type?


    If you're not handy (not all of us are), you will just need to hire a handyman or plumber! Prices may vary depending on your location and where the main water line is coming into your home.

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    What our customer said about us

    Our customers love us! See why One Green Filter is your one stop shop for all of your home water needs!.

    “The water from my fridge has never tasted better. It was a seamless install and I couldn't be happier with the quality”


    Sarasota, FL

    “I love my ice maker filter. I used to keep my kids from using our fridge for ice but now I feel confident that the ice is as clean as can be”


    Gainesville, FL

    “The water from my fridge is so clean and tastes so much better than before. This has been a great investment so far.”


    Fort Myers, FL

    One Green Filter offers soft, pure water that not only ensures cleaner laundry, spotless dishes, and longer-lasting appliances but also promotes healthier skin, hair, and hydration to enhance your overall quality of life. Enjoy the benefits of purified water with One Green Filter, serving customers all across the United States.