Published Jan 01, 1970

    How Safe is Your Water Cooler?

    How safe is your water cooler?

    Bottle-fed water coolers use reservoir technology, where water is stored inside a bottle rather than fed directly from the water supply to the dispensing tap. As water is dispensed it is displaced by air from the room, and over time the volume of potentially contaminated air increases. By the time a bottle is ready to be changed, there could be up to 19 liters of air. When a water cooler hasn’t been correctly maintained it’s not uncommon to see visible bacteria inside the bottle in the form of algae, which is a big disadvantage of bottle-fed water coolers. Standing water within an appliance provides ideal conditions for bacteria to grow. Certain types of bacteria such as Pseudomonas Aeruginosa can feed on components found in rubbers and seals present within a dispenser. Contaminants can also enter the system via the bottle feed when a bottle is changed, exposing the surface to the air or when someone touches the internal components. This opens the internal workings up to all kinds of potential contaminants, making it necessary to sanitize with strong chemicals to kill the bacteria every week.

    One Green Filter systems provide a significantly more hygienic and sustainable alternative to bottle-fed water coolers. Installing a Bottleless Water Cooler or custom Water Station with RO Filtration and UV Sanitization in your office is a great way to give your employees better tasting quality water, improve your environmental footprint, and save your company lots of money!

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