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    Published Feb 09, 2024

    Home Water Treatment

    Know What’s In Your Water

    A whole-house water filter, also known as a point of entry tap, is installed at the main water line to your home. It reduces contaminants like chlorine, iron, and sulfur in your water. Home water treatment in Tampa FL delivers cleaner water to all taps in your house. This allows you to have filtered water in your home when you do dishes, wash your clothes, or take a shower.

    The water quality in your home will determine which whole house water filter is best. One Green Filter has a variety of whole-house water filters. While some are intended to eliminate chlorine foul odors, others reduce the amount of iron, sulfur, and arsenic in your drinking water. You don’t know which one is best for you? A free water test can be done at your home.

    What Does A Whole House Water Filter Do?

    Before water reaches your faucet, it goes through quite a few steps. Water flows from a natural source such as a river, lake, or ground to a treatment center. Water can also pick up particulates, dirt, and other contaminants along the way. This can make it difficult, taste bad, or make it hard to drink.

    The water is treated at the treatment center before being distributed to you. However, not all contaminants are removed. Many treatment centers can’t eliminate all contaminants, including PFOA, PFOS, and pesticides. Water can also be contaminated as it travels between treatment centers and your home. This is due to old infrastructure and lead piping. Home water treatment in Tampa FL is a great solution.

    Are you getting your water from a source other than a well? A whole-house water filter is able to remove dirt, silt, and clay from well water. One Green Filter’s High-Efficiency Whole House Well Water Filter Systems can be customized to treat well water specific to your area. This will allow you to enjoy higher-quality water, no matter where it comes from.

    A whole-home filtration system is more than a water filter for your faucet. It takes hard, polluted water and turns it into safer, cleaner water that’s better to drink and share with your family.

    Are You Concerned About Possible Contaminants Or Water Quality?

    Our experienced home water treatment experts will help you identify your water problems and recommend solutions.

    Your water will go through different levels of filtration depending on the whole-house filtration system that you select. The process generally involves three stages.

    1. The Pre-Filter Stage: This stage removes your water’s more harmful contaminants and particulates. This stage typically removes impurities such as sediment and silt. This filter will catch sediment from water, which can cause damage to your plumbing and appliances. Your pre-filter should not be neglected. To ensure that your filtration system works at its best, it is recommended to replace it every 2 to 3 months.
    2. Activated Carbon Stage: The next stage of filtration reduces chlorine and chloramines. For an additional layer of protection, activated carbon binds to and removes these contaminants.
    3. Post-Filter Stage: The post-filter will filter out any contaminants in your water. This stage removes any contaminants and sediment from your water before it reaches the taps. For best results, we recommend changing your post-filter every 6-12 months.

    What Are The Benefits Of Whole House Water Filters

    One Green Filter has a range of whole-house water filter systems that can address your water issues. A whole-house water filter is a great option for your household, as water is such an important part of daily life. Whole-house water filters are beneficial for:

    • Provide water filtration throughout your home to allow you to cook, clean, drink, and bathe.
    • Reduce the number of bacteria, sediment, and contaminants that can make your water taste, smell, or look bad
    • Reduce rust stains, scale buildup, and hard water damage on fixtures and appliances, so your home can look cleaner and lasts longer
    • Every faucet delivers clean, fresher, and better-tasting water for you and your family.

    How Do I Know If I Need A Whole House Water Filter?

    Some contaminants are invisible, but others can be detected in your water. Problem water can cause stains, a foul odor, or even bad taste. These are signs that your home may require a water filter system:

    • Your drinking water may smell like rotten eggs
    • Dishwashers and deposits on your plumbing fixtures
    • After showering, dry your hair and skin.
    • Bad tastes in your water
    • Your appliances may have rust stains
    • Pipes that are damaged

    It’s sometimes difficult to see what is in your water. Some contaminants can make your water taste or smell bad. However, other contaminants can be overlooked by your senses.

    • Arsenic can be toxic over time due to its odorless or tasteless nature. Arsenic prolonged exposure has been linked with various skin and health conditions.
    • Nitrates are colorless, tasteless, and odorless. This contaminant can cause the growth of bacteria in water and may increase the risk of developing cancer in adults.
    • Lead: This contaminant, which is invisible, odorless, and tasteless, can be difficult to detect. Exposure to lead for long periods can cause adverse health effects.
    • PFOS are chemicals made by man that have been leaked into water supplies. They are hard to get rid of in the environment. Studies have shown that these chemicals can build up in the body over time, which can lead to adverse health effects.

    How can you tell if your water is contaminated? Only by testing your water can you determine if it has accumulated contaminants on its way to your home.

    How Do I Choose The Best Whole House Water Filter For My Home?

    One Green Filter can have multiple filters that reduce different kinds of contaminants. Your water quality will vary depending on where you live and the source of your water. Our comprehensive water test will reveal the exact contents of your water. One Green Filter expert will help you find the right whole-house water filter for your home. We can also identify any contaminants in your water.

    Our whole-home water filtration systems have improved the water quality in thousands of homes across North America. These are some of the best whole-house water filters:

    • Whole House Well Water Filter: This system softens and removes sediment from water. It is ideal for homes with well water.
    • Aquasential Select Series Whole House Filter: This filtration system is low-maintenance, cost-effective, and efficient. It removes chlorine taste and odor, dirt, and clay, and neutralizes acids.

    Reduced Limescale And Other Mineral Deposits

    Old tea kettles may have chalky deposits. Limescale is the buildup of minerals from lime and other minerals in your water. Limescale can cause water to taste unpleasant and make it unattractive. A whole-house water filter will make your water taste better and prevent limescale from building up.

    Your Water’s Taste Will Be Enhanced

    Water is the most vital fluid in your body. Your overall health can be improved by drinking more water. You deserve the best-tasting water. Installing a whole-house water filter system in your home will allow you to have pure water every time your tap turns on.

    How to Choose the Right Water Filtration Company

    One Green Filter is dedicated to providing the best installers of home water treatment in Tampa FL. We are here to help you with any water filtration needs. We will provide you with a detailed review that will help you to customize your water filter system. We will assess your needs and provide a detailed review to ensure that your water filtration system is capable of handling all elements. To ensure our equipment meets normal standards, we use only the highest-quality catalytic carbs and the most advanced meter technology. We want you to have the best water.

    We are also available to assist with installations and repairs. We can handle any chemicals in your water system. Our complete installation service includes a labor warranty, parts replacement, and a guarantee that your water filter products will not fail during the product lifetime. If you require professional installation, repair, maintenance, or replacement of your home water treatment system, contact us today.