Published Feb 09, 2024

    Benefits Of Purchasing A Local Water Softener

    There are many opinions and information on the internet about hard water softeners across the country. If you are unfamiliar with home water treatment, then you may find conflicting data or analysis regarding what kind or what type of water softener is right for your needs. This is because water chemistry and plumbing codes vary from one area to the next, as well as between states. Here at One Green Filter, we are expert water softener installers in the Tampa Bay area. 


    Soft Water & Water Softener Benefits

    Here are the benefits of installing a water softener:

    No More Limescale & Clogged taps

    Your entire home can be affected by limescale. You can see the limescale on everything, from white spots around taps and tiles to spots on silverware and glassware. It is impossible to keep your home free from limescale. Water softeners are the best permanent and long-term solution to limescale. This means that your home will be cleaner, shinier, and you’ll have spotless mirrors, glassware, tiles, and cars.

    Longer Lasting Appliances

    Your washing machine, dishwasher, and water heater can all be damaged by hard water. This can cause your appliances to become more damaged and eventually fail, which will ultimately lead to them needing to replace. Water softeners are able to remove scale from pipes, household appliances, and other surfaces like your bathroom. Water softeners also protect appliances from hard water damage, so they will last longer. Your heating system, hot and cold water, dishwasher, and washing machine will run more efficiently. These appliances will have a improvement in life expectancy if you use soft water.

    A Heating System That Works

    Limescale buildup can cause blockages in your boiler and pipes. These blockages can cause severe damage and require more heat to heat. Water softeners can protect your heating system, and help prevent costly boiler replacements and repairs. This will help you save money on your energy costs.

    No More Dry Skin or Eczema

    Studies have shown that hard water can cause skin irritation in sensitive people. Excessive mineral buildup can cause skin irritation, dry skin, and eczema. Hard water can cause eczema in people with healthy skin. Our water softener is able to relieve eczema symptoms as well as other skin conditions. The reason is that a water softener system can remove hard impurities from your drinking and cleaning water that irritate your skin.

    Softer & Brighter Hair

    Shampoos that contain hard water minerals can cause hair loss and scalp deposits. Dry, dull hair can result. Customers report that their dry, itchy scalp has completely disappeared since the water softener installation in Clearwater FL. Because of the rich lather, soft water is less expensive than shampoo and soap. This will result in soft, shiny hair and a more pleasant shower experience.

    Cleaner Clothes

    Your clothes and washing machine can be damaged by limescale and other mineral impurities. Stiff clothes can appear stained even after washing is a common problem. Your laundry can be washed with softened water, which will leave it cleaner and softer without any hard minerals. This means whites will stay whiter longer and fabric will last a lot longer. Soft water also requires 20% less washing powder, softener, and detergent. This will help you save money.

    Less Time Cleaning & Less Cleaning Products

    Cleaning has never been easier thanks to a softener system. There will be no soap scum or limescale in your bathroom. This will save you time, money, and effort.

    Better Tasting & Healthier Water

    A softener is a good choice if you have a bad taste or smell in your water. It can make it safer and more delicious.

    Higher Water Pressure and Flow

    Showerheads that have hard water can cause scale and a 75% decrease in water flow rate within 18 months. You can stop hard water minerals from clogging your taps and showerheads. You’ll also protect your boiler, pipes, and radiators.

    Cost Savings

    Studies have shown that water softening can help save four-person households up to $200 annually. You can also save money on detergent and washing powder, as well as cleaning products and limescale removal. A water softener can also prolong the life of your home appliances and reduce your energy bills. You can also prevent problems with your boiler, heating system, and water flow. You can significantly help save streams and rivers from chemical degradation by reducing your use of cleaning chemicals.

    Want More Information?

    The water softener benefits speak for themselves. We’ll be happy to provide a home water analysis test and more information about our water treatment systems.

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