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Expert Series Softener with Res Care

expert series softener
expert series softener

The Expert RC residential water softeners are our most popular product by far.  Utilizing dual-chamber technology, our Expert RC unit combines the power of two medias in one tank. The high performance resin media and activated carbon configuration filter and soften your water in a single unit.

The Expert RC not only reduces hardness, it also handles common taste and odor problems, such as chlorine, associated with city water. The advanced, patented technology equipped in the controller also keeps your system running at maximum efficiency. Paired with our patented Water Efficient Technology®, the Expert RC residential water softeners can offer the most efficient system on the market today. It’s also capable of connecting wirelessly with Wripli® for complete control of your water while you are on the go.

The system is designed to be environmentally-friendly while safeguarding your household plumbing, appliances, improving taste and eliminating unwanted odors. This combination makes a good, quality water for every day living.


Exclusive Technology

  • Deep cleaning regeneration only when necessary
  • Exclusive features ensure consistent water quality
  • Vacation mode prevents unnecessary regenerations
  • Only one internal moving part for easy maintenance
  • Battery backup

Wripli Enabled (optional)

  • Current Flow rate: See how much treated water is running through your home in real time
  • Water Usage: Monitor the total number of gallons of water your home used during the day
  • Notifications: Receive notifications for salt reminders, service alarms and system errors
  • Vacation mode: Set vacation mode from anywhere in the world 

Patented Chlorine Generator

  • Ability to self-chlorinate unit
  • Monitors every cleaning
  • High performance resin
  • Powerful durable media
  • Reduces the minerals that cause hard water
  • Undergoes rigorous quality control testing

Secondary Media Tank

  • Provides continuous soft water during regeneration

Vortech™ Distribution Plate

  • Delivers high and consistent flow rates
  • Provides a deeper clean by using the water flow to agitate the media

Low Maintenance Brine Tank

  • Built in safety float
  • Heavy duty, corrosion-free material
  • Fills with soft water, which reduces cleaning

Pro Res Care All-Purpose Liquid Softener Cleaner*

Pro Res Care is a specially formulated liquid resin cleaner designed to rid the softener of contaminants that salt alone cannot remove. 99% of water softening occurs inside of the resin beads. Salt only washes away the calcium but leaves the iron, manganese, silt, metal particles and organic compounds. Over time, these will coat the resin bead causing inefficiencies or total failure.  Regular use of Res Care resin cleaner will restore the softener beads and control valve parts back to peak efficiency and maintain the life of the unit. For best results, we offer an Easy Feeder for continued defense of contaminant buildup. The unit feeds automatically and easily installs inside or outside of the brine tank.


  • Restores residential water softeners efficiency
  • Reduced softener regenerations, resulting in less salt and water costs
  • Removal of iron, silt, organics, and manganese from your unit
  • Prevention of rust and scale buildup in the tubes and valves
  • Improved water taste

*Pro Res Care is NSF Certified to meet NSF/ANSI Standard 60 for drinking water additives

expert series softener specs 1
expert series softener specs 1
expert series softener specs 2
expert series softener specs 2

All water softeners listed are set at “minimum salting” from the factory. Upflow units are indicated by a “U” after the model number. i.e. AOP-1054U. *Upflow units are not certified models.

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