WL800 Max II
WL800 Max II
WL800 Max II

WL800 Max II

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High capacity water dispenser for
demanding environments

Delivering water excellence

The WL800 Max II is designed to meet the demand for cold and hot water
in high usage areas. The intuitive paddle operation and tall dispensing
area enable users to easily fill large containers. The ultraviolet (UV) system
maintains water hygiene in large capacity tanks and provides a continuous
supply of clean and refreshing water.

Advanced technology

Two great steps to fresh water from Waterlogic ®:

Four stage reverse osmosis filtration

Providing an high level of filtration, reverse osmosis (RO)
effectively removes contaminants and dissolved particles,
giving you the best drinking water possible.

UV sanitization

The re-circulating UV system sanitizes the water by
reducing bacterial growth giving the reassurance of fresh
clean drinking water.

Simply great, clear water*

Free from fluoride
Free from chlorine
Free from water-borne tastes and odors
*Filtration results based on the use of RO filtration.