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A high-end unit for premium quality
sparkling water

A comprehensive hydration solution
for the modern workplace

Easy operation, robust design and a choice of four water dispensing
options, make the WL500 the ideal dispenser for demanding
environments, such as factories and medium to large offices, where
quality water is in high demand.

Advanced technology

The WL500 features three core technologies:

High performance

Multi-stage filtration removes common water contaminants
and chlorine to dramatically improve water taste and odor.

BioCote® Protection

WL500 key surfaces are infused with BioCote®, a silver ion
additive that provides an effective barrier against microbes
like bacteria and mold, which may cause odors or staining.

In-tank UV Sanitization

Waterlogic’s in-tank UV technology acts against
waterborne micro-organisms and bacteria, dispensing
great quality water glass after glass

High-quality sparkling water system

WL500 is designed with a unique technology which reliably delivers
sparkling water on demand. The system is engineered to remove any
sparkling water left in the pipes, preventing it from reaching back into the
tank so that the water doesn’t go flat.