WL350 Firewall
WL350 Firewall
WL350 Firewall

WL350 Firewall

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Excellent purifying performance,
easy operation and stylish design

Purified water for the workplace

With a choice of hot and cold water, the WL350 Firewall is the preferred
solution for any small or medium size workplace looking for great tasting
water, reliability and guaranteed quality.


Advanced technology

The WL350 features three core technologies:

High performance filtration

Waterlogic’s filters are certified to stringent standards,
carrying the Water Quality Association’s Gold Seal of
approval, meaning they offer the best possible filtration.
This guarantees each drop is as good as the last.

Firewall purification

Waterlogic’s patented Firewall technology utilizes a highly
effective UV purification system to purify the water to
99.9999% bacteria free and acts as a final barrier to
pathogens right at the point of dispense.

BioCote® protection

The key surfaces surrounding the dispensing area are
infused with BioCote®, a silver ion additive that provides an
effective barrier against microbes like bacteria and mold,
which may cause odors or staining.