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Benefits of Soft Water in Your Home

Recent estimates show that up to 90% of America suffers from hard drinking water or poor quality water! Hard water reacts with your cleaning products and creates soap scum, which wears down expensive fixtures and appliances more quickly than soft water. The buildup of mineral deposits on faucets, showerheads, glasses, dishes, clothing, and even your skin and hair can take their toll over time. Our advanced water softening systems are designed to only leave the beneficial minerals while naturally conditioning your water to feel “soft.” It’s a great solution that will make your skin and hair feel better, your appliances and plumbing last longer and your water taste delicious.

City Water Solutions

water efficient technology WET
water efficient technology WET

W.E.T.™ – Water Efficient Technology

That Saves You Money & Helps the Environment!

W.E.T. is a series of features that make our water softeners the most efficient system on the planet, conserving up to 50% on your system’s SALT and WATER usage!

W.E.T. Benefits

Proportional Brining
Proportional Brining Saves Salt
Unlike other softeners that use the maximum amount of salt every regeneration, this feature will use only as much salt as needed to recharge the used portion.
Proportional Regeneration 
Proportional Regeneration
Backwash and Final Rinse cycles often run longer than necessary. This feature will reduce these times based on the used portion of resin, reducing water waste. 
Alternate Regeneration 
Alternate Regeneration Maintains Performance

Reducing the salt used can cause the resin to become fatigued over time. W.E.T. fixes the issue with the ability to alternate between optimized and full regenerations. 

Salt Monitor 
Salt Monitor Prevents Salt Depletion
Our patented salt monitor tests the salt solution every time it enters the softener. If the concentration is too low, an alarm is triggered to notify the home owner.
Savings History Screen 
Savings History Screen Calculates Savings
See how much your system is saving! The softener keeps track of your salt and water usage and compares it to a traditional unit; the difference is your savings! 
Traditional Technology

Traditional Technology

Water Efficient Technology

Water Efficient Technology

The Most Comprehensive Water Treatment App Available

Receive alerts, track usage, and see how much you’ve saved – 24/7

Wriply Water Treatment App
Current Flow Rate
Wriply Water Treatment App
Today's Water Usage
Wriply Water Treatment App
Peak Flow Rate
Wriply Water Treatment App
Capacity Remaining
Wriply Water Treatment App
Total Gallons Saved
Wriply Water Treatment App
Total Pounds of Salt Saved
Benefits of Wripli include:
Wriply Water Treatment AppCurrent Flow Rate: See how much treated water is running through your home in real time.
Wriply Water Treatment AppWater Usage: Monitor the total number of gallons of water your home used during the day.
Wriply Water Treatment AppSavings: See how much water you have saved with Proportional Regeneration (optional).
Wriply Water Treatment AppNotifications: Receive notifications for service alarms and system errors.
Wriply Water Treatment AppVacation Mode: Set Vacation Mode from anywhere in the world.
clean glass of water
clean glass of water

Each home is special, requiring specialized solutions specific for your water and home.

Call us for a FREE Water Test and let us custom design the right system for your needs and budget.



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