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Air Injection Backwashing System

air injection backwashing system
air injection backwashing system

Ion Pro® Air Filtration Systems (IPAIR) are designed to be the most versatile filtration option available to remove rust stains, odor, or foul tastes. The air injection backwashing systems is the perfect whole-house filtration system to put an end to staining from iron and manganese.  In addition to improving the vibrancy of your laundry, you’ll preserve the life of your plumbing fixtures and appliances. Sinks and tubs will have fewer stains.  Drinking water will taste and smell better. Plumbing will be less corroded.  Household appliances and fixtures will operate more efficiently and last longer. 

How Ion Pro® Series Air Filters Work

The secret behind Ion Pro filtration systems is combining a unique air chamber with a specialized filtration media.  The air filter transports untreated water through an inlet and down into an air dome to oxidize and precipitate sulfur and other impurities. Next is the start of the regeneration process, where water flows slowly through a valve, releasing captured air. The air chamber oxidizes the dissolved contaminants, and the media effectively filters the problem particles from your water without the use of additional chemicals or salt.  In the backwash stage, undesirable particles drain harmlessly from your unit. Finally, air is drawn back into the tank to replenish the air used during oxidation.


Exclusive Technology

  • Environmentally safe – no chemicals
  • Inch Worm™ Technology – our patented air release technology
  • Easily programmed for optimum performance
  • Advanced history and diagnostic screens
  • Extremely low cost of operation
  • Includes a battery backup 
  • All components are certified NSF/ANSI 61 compliant

The Ion Pro Air Iron Unit includes

  • Multi-position sequencing
  • No additional chemicals or salt
  • Innovative air chamber and quartz under bedding
  • Patented IQ technology and highly effective 

Ion Pro Air Iron Unit Features

  • Inch Worm™ Technology – gently releases air when valve advances to backwash.  Inch Worm is an adjustable cycle that allows the control valve to slowly “inch” its way into backwash, allowing air to escape slowly instead of in one big rush. This slow release virtually eliminates the thrashing of drain lines or noisy discharge of air to the drain when the system first initiates the backwash cycle.
  • Wripli Enabled (optional)
    - Current Flow rate: See how much treated water is running through your home in real time
    - Water Usage: Monitor the total number of gallons of water your home used during the day
    - Notifications: Receive notifications for salt reminders, service alarms and system errors
    - Vacation mode: Set vacation mode from anywhere in the world
  • O3ZONE*
  • Automatically cleans unit 
  • Easy plug-and-play installation
  • Chemical-free, environmentally safe
  • Audible notification when service is required
    *Optional attachment. Not compatible with birm systems.

• Water treatment inspired by your lifestyle 

We may recommend a mixture of medias - depending on your unique water conditions, water source, and well system.  This versatility customizes your filtration system to match your needs and enhance performance. 


Catalytic Carbon
GreenSand Plus

Whole house filtration systems.

The highly efficient solution for high-quality water.
Every component, every feature, every innovation that goes into the WaterCare whole house filtration system has been designed to bring the highest quality, most efficient water to you and your family.
whole house filtration systems
whole house filtration systems

1. Patented IQ2 technology for better water.

  • Cleans itself only when necessary
  • Vacation Mode
    - convenient
    - money-saving
  • System notifications
  • Only one moving part for easy maintenance
  • Battery back-up
  • Water use is monitored and recorded

2. Patented ozone generator (optional).

  • Ability to self-clean using the power of oxygen
  • Environmentally friendly chemical-free solution
  • Only available on the Ion Pro Air Iron Systems

3. Innovative air chamber.

  • Efficiently oxidizes dissolved contaminants
  • No added harsh chemicals or salt
  • Patented air release technology
  • Only available on the Ion Pro Air Iron and Ion Pro Air Sulfur systems

4. Highly effective filtration media.

  • Filters for water problems of any kind:
    - iron
    - manganese
    - hydrogen sulfide
    - acidic conditions
    - nuisance particles, and other contaminants
  • Rigorous quality control process for testing the media

5. Quartz underbedding.

  • Provides accurate and efficient cleaning process
  • Delivers high and consistent flow patterns


Watch your home’s water usage, and receive system notifications right to your mobile phone with our advanced WiFi technology.

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