Hands down One Green Filter as a whole continues to provide top notch quality from customer service down to maintenance on my water filter! Chad who is also part company owner showed up to our home and over delivered on quality of work to an amazing experience over all. He treated us like family and we are forever grateful. You can literally see the passion in his work. Not only did he educate us on the equipment we were getting but also how to use it. I can go on for days on the water quality but I’ll keep it short and simple. My wife was not convinced in the very beginning, and that’s 6 months of talking about it. It only took 1 time of her tasting the water and completely convinced her to go all the way of buying several water filter systems for us and our parents. We are diehard fans and will always recommend. Plus they literally have the best deals out of any company you’ve ever ran into. See for your self and you’ll find yourself becoming a fan as well. Thank you again Chad and the Onegreen filter team for changing not only my family’s life but everyone around us as well!

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