Benefits Of Installing A Water Softener In Tampa FL

Notice any stains or smells from your water? Due to Tampa’s aging water system, harmful hard water is a common problem in the area. You have water that has accumulated all kinds of contaminants and dissolved minerals before it reaches your home. It can cause hair and skin problems, lead to serious health problems, and can also cause scale and blockage damage in your pipes and appliances. One Green Filter will install a water softener in Tampa FL that will remove these minerals, which will extend the life of your plumbing and reduce the amount you spend on repairs, appliances, and soap.

Signs Of Hard Water

Nearly 85 percent live in hard water areas in the United States. Although it is very common, the majority of Americans didn’t know about the effects of hard water until recently. You will be more aware of the signs as you wash dishes, do laundry, and take a shower.

  • Watermarks and residue on the faucets or inside your dishwasher
  • Excessive lime and chalk buildup in sinks and showers
  • White clothing becoming dingy and colors quickly fading
  • Unusual smell or taste in your drinking water
  •  Dry skin, hair, or itchiness after a shower  
  • Low water pressure
  • Constant appliance maintenance

Water that falls as rain is pure and free from minerals or soft water. Water flows through the ground and collects minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Hard water is water that has accumulated a lot of minerals. A water softener works by treating hard water with a process called “ion exchange”. The system traps mineral ions that can cause damage and hardness to your home and is exchanged for sodium or potassium ions. These are the benefits of water softener installation in Tampa FL.

Healthy Skin And Hair

You might be used to washing your skin with hard water. Your skin may feel softer if you aren’t. Hard water can cause dry skin. Even if your hair is properly washed, conditioned, and moisturized each night, it’s possible to lose this battle even if you do everything right. A water softener can remove harmful minerals, which allows water to flow more smoothly and is gentler on hair and skin. Hard water is not fully soluble in soaps or shampoos due to the mineral ions. This can lead to hair looking dull and damaged. You can get a deeper clean and lather with a water softener in Tampa FL. This is because there are no harmful chemicals or minerals interfering in the soap particles and natural oils on your hair and skin.

Improved Pipes And Appliances

Soft water is good for all appliances and plumbing. Because it reacts favorably to soap and detergent, a water softener will make cleaning easier. This will increase the power of your washing machine or dishwasher. Soft water is more effective at dissolving soap and allowing it to penetrate the appliance. You’ve likely experienced the difficulty of keeping dishes clean in hard water homes. Your silverware and glasses will still look cloudy no matter how many times they are scrubbed. Water softeners target the problem from the root. They remove any minerals that may have formed on your dishware. Hard water mineral buildup can cause more frequent repairs to major kitchen and laundry appliances, as well as additional wear on water heaters and icemakers.

Cleaner Fabrics

Fabrics will look cleaner if they are washed with softened water and the right soap or detergent. Fabrics become stiff and roughened by hard water impurities. Grays and whites will turn to gray as colors fade. Hard water can also cause soap curd to build up and must be rinsed well in order for fabrics not to get stained. With the installation of One Green Filter’s water softener in Tampa FL These problems are eliminated.

Water Conservation

Softened water allows you to wash your fabrics with less rinsing because it has a lower hardness and soap curd. It is possible for laundry to remove one rinse cycle entirely, without affecting its laundering efficiency. You can save water by using 150 gallons per rinse on a 600-pound washer. This is eight times per day. That’s a savings of 6,000 gallons. This is a savings of 25,000 gallons per month or 300,000 Gallons per year. It’s easy to see how this can translate into dollars. This is just one washer.

Lower Repair And Maintenance Costs

Hard water damage can happen to any water-using appliance. Hard water scale can clog pipes and nozzles, damage valves and pumps, and impair machine efficiency. Hard water can cause a washing machine to stop working, which results in lost production and costly repairs. Also, machine life can be reduced by hard water. This means that capital equipment will need to be replaced more often.

Conserve Energy

You can reduce the amount of energy required to heat water by removing one hot rinse cycle. If you take the 150 gallons of water and heat it at 0.28C/ per gallon, then heating the rinse water will cost 42C. You can save $3.36 per day (42C/x 8 cycles) or $16.80 per month, or $873.60 annually by eliminating the rinse cycle. This is based only on current energy prices and one wheel. If a hard water scale builds up inside your water heater, it is necessary to heat the water before you can heat it. This is an unnecessary increase that you can get rid of with water softeners.

Reduce Supply Costs

With the installation of One Green Filter’s water softener in Tampa FL, you will greatly reduce the cost of bleach, soap scum, and limescale cleaners. You can use soaps instead of detergents that have chemical cleaners built-in. Many soaps are formulated with phosphates and chemicals to buffer hard water buildup. The experience has shown that supply costs can be cut by as much as 50%. Your current chemical usage, which directly correlates with the quality of your water, will determine how much you save.

Homeowners need to be aware of all possible problems. A home water test is the best way to check the water’s chemistry.

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